What To Wear To Meet Women

Published: 18th May 2009
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Most men don't pay a lot of attention to the clothes they wear.

For most guys, including myself, we tend to base our fashion sense on what doesn't itch, and more importantly - what doesn't smell funny!

Sure, we try and look nice when we go out to bars and clubs. Usually our wardrobe in these situations consist of a nice pair of jeans, some black shoes, and a button-up dress shirt.

And when we're not in a bar or club, we tend to dress in what's comfortable - which means ratty, beat-up jeans and that AC/DC shirt from high school.

What men don't understand, is that when it comes to making an impression on women, what you wear definitely counts! And it's not just what type of shirt you have on either, it's all your accessories too - the belt, the shoes, the watch, etc.

Realize that women spend a LOT of time and energy to look good. They are practically raised to be aware of fashion, from playing with their Barbi dolls as little girls, to helping their best friend get married, they are conditioned to the intricacies of what to wear.

So though us guys may not care what type of shoes we wear, girls - who spend lots of time and money on finding shoes to go with certain outfits - will.

Remember - when you go out, you're not dressing for yourself. You're dressing for the women you want to attract!

Here are some rules that, if followed, will allow you to look your best, no matter what situation you might end up in.

1. Take it a step further than the other guy.

Most men will not care about the clothes they wear. If you do, you'll have an advantage over them, whether you are in the club or the grocery store. Stepping up your dress will always give you the upper hand, because you will look more confident, more successful, and more attractive than the other guy.

2. Pay attention to your accessories.

Invest in some nice shoes, a good belt, a nice watch, maybe even some light jewelry. Girls definitely notice the little things. Just having a great pair of shoes will make you more noticable than 90% of the other men out there.

3. Stand out.

Fashion is more about looking good, it's a personal expression of who you are. When you dress well, but also take care to dress different from everyone else, you will get much more attention. For instance, if everyone is wearing black, wear white, and vice versa. If every guy in the club is wearing jeans and a button-up shirt, wear khakis and a dress shirt with a blazer. The more you allow yourself to stand out from the crowd, the easier it is to meet women.

4. Look as good as you can, as often as you can.

Remember that looking good isn't just for when you go out on a Friday night. You never know when you'll meet the woman of your dreams, so you want to strive to dress as well as you can whenever you can. Obviously, we can't look nice all the time, but before you step out in public, try and make an effort to wear the right clothes.

Dressing well cuts down on your chance of failure. They say clothes make the man. It's true, because we show the people in the world who we are by how we dress. Let the clothing communicate how much of a prize you are to women.

Joseph Matthews has been instructing men how to meet women since 2004, and is widely recognized as an authority in the subject of confidence building and dating advice. If you want to discover more about how to meet women, check out his complimentary newsletter.

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