Want To Flirt With Girls On Facebook?

Published: 26th February 2010
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As a general rule, I have tendency to be somewhat of a technophobe. Typically, I don't like things to change, being a stubborn "stuck in my own ways" sort of person.

This really is one of the reasons I was really slow to participate in Facebook. But now that I have, I am Incredibly glad that I did.


Simply because Facebook is one of the Most significant resources any man hoping to enhance his success with women could ever hope to have.

Seriously. Not only can it support you to meet lots of new, eye-catching females. It can also enable you to develop massive social proof and get girls to hope to date you!

So here's my process of using Facebook to flirt with women...

1. Setting Up Social Proof

Should you know how to do it right, Facebook can be the ULTIMATE in social proof. Everyone's profile is often a look into their life, so if you can pad out your profile, it can truly give you a boost.

Pictures go a long way on Facebook, so have lots of pictures of yourself having fun with plenty of distinct women. You'll also wish to have pics of you traveling or doing other enjoyable things.


Due to the fact girls who are interested in you will often stalk your photo albums! So you'll need to make certain they see you "living an exciting life" so they will desire to be part of it!

An additional thing you'll want to do is to fill your Wall with fun, flirty comments. Encourage your close friends to post on your wall and comment on your posts.

An active, and constructive, Facebook profile can show others you're a popular guy.

2. Add Plenty Of Eye-catching Women To Your Friends List.

Facebook doesn't let you communicate with persons who aren't your close friends, so you need to add as a lot of as feasible in case you want a chance at meeting them.

But mass adding friends is counter-productive. You should be smart about it.

I like to add females I meet offline to my Facebook profile just to keep in touch and construct rapport. Getting a woman's Facebook email is much easier than obtaining her phone number typically, and a lot of girls spend a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook, so it could be quick to maintain contact with them.

You'll also need to go through the pals of the girls you add to your profile and try and friend them too. Just send an email with your friend request that says things like "Hey, I see you're associates with XXXXX. You must be cool! She's awesome."

And if you are actually driven, you are able to join numerous groups on Facebook that are all about adding buddies for your profile. You'll be able to meet a lot of hot girls on Facebook by way of these groups. (Just beware of fake girl profiles from scammers!)

3. Organize Your Women Into Lists

Facebook allows you to produce lists of Associates. I always put every girl who associates me in a list called "Girls." This way, I can quickly look at all their status updates and see what's going on with them.

Then, I'll comment on their posts. This really is a good way to flirt, build rapport, and keep in touch.

4. Poke The Girls You Like

Poking is known as a interesting little feature on Facebook that may genuinely start some fun, flirty exchanges. If there's a girl you need to hear from, use the "poke" feature on her.

When she pokes you back, send her a flirty email in response. Anything like:

"Did you just poke my butt? How forward of you! lol. Now I feel violated!"

You'll be able to get some actually entertaining exchanges going off a simple poke.

5. Organize Special Events and Invites

Since you are able to have so a lot of girls following you on Facebook, this makes it simple for you to invite them out with you or to parties/events you're throwing or attending.

You possibly can produce an event invitation and send it to all your "girl" close friends. You'll be able to put out a status update telling everyone what club you're going to.

Heck, you can even send out an update asking what people are up to tonight, and then contact them about hanging out once they respond.

Setting up dates on Facebook employing this method is so simple, its almost criminal!

I could probably go on for hours about how I like to use Facebook to get women, but I think for now, these five tips should get you started.


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