Tips to Deal with a Jealous Girlfriend

Published: 19th June 2010
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Envy is an entire bundle of feelings that have a tendency to get piled together. It is among the most harmful and agonizing feelings in a dating relationship. Jealousy is about fear of losing power of control in a relationship. Envy is sweet often, but moderately. Too much envy can destroy a relationship, because is driving a wedge between the 2.

You've got a relationship for a long period of time with a fantastic girl, you adore her a lot but the issue is that she's extremely envious and that is why you're disagreeing a lot. You do not want to lose her so you have to handle it. But she's over reacting : she calls you in the middle of the night to be sure you're at home, she's checking your cell-phone, calls you when you go out with your mates to see where you are and how much you stay or becomes really annoyed when she sees you looking or speaking with any other girl. Also she gets suspicious and make accusations which aren't all genuine, it's provoking you a lot, accuse you of being disloyal whether or not there is not any foundation for her to think this way. After a bit you are sufficient of all this, but you are prepared to make all of the sacrifices you can to grasp her and make her stop with all of these. There are numerous reasons we feel envious and though it's a standard human emotion to feel.

Envy comes from insecurity. Perhaps she's terrified that you'll see another girl and all of a sudden like her more that you like her. Hence attempt to not give her plenty of reasons to feel jealous. Avoid taking a look at other girls in her presence, don't compare her with other girls, don't exclude her from your future plans and also avoid having female best pals. If you have just a best female mate and do not really wish to lose any of them, you must try meeting them both and making them become buddies. Whatever the explanations why she feels envious, you must attempt to see why she feels that way. As an example, perhaps she cannot cope with the proven fact that before her you had a fiancé, your first fiancé with whom you stayed more than with her, you loved her, but all is over as she betrayed you. But your real girl does not want to acknowledge that, and is still envious on her. Explain her that she needs to accept that we have a past and move on because that past isn't going to switch, and assure her that she's the only one for you. Perhaps all of us which have a relationship for some considerable time and love their partner are often a little envious. Give it some thought: how would you feel to see her in class or work chatting with other fellows, and comes and tells you how great they are would not you be jealous? Or perhaps there are some individuals round her that you loathe and do not trust in them, and then you see you're jealous too. A tiny bit of envy is healthy, but in her case, which is over reacting, she might need some assistance from you to get over it. The smartest thing you can do to handle your envious girlfriend and to not break with her is to chat sincere with her and let her know how you're feeling.

Also be trustworthy to her and explain her that you know that relations are primarily based on trust so you will be sincere with her all of the time. Communicate sincerely and with calm and let her know she must get her self-worth in check, as she is splinting you apart. Having a heart to heart discussion and explain her that all this envious behavior will drive you away. Frequently a fair exchange of feelings will provide a solution to the problem. The envy regularly spoiled the relationship as it push away the other partner more with each fight and disagree they'd, after some time the partner which is charged all of the time had enough and leave.

But if you actually love her and desire that your relationship continues, make an agree both, to stop disagreeing so much. You won't give her so lots of reasons to be envious, and she is going to try to not call you so often a day.


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