The Top 5 Dating Mistakes Men Will Want To Avoid

Published: 18th May 2009
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Any man who's ever tried to get a woman attracted to them has most likely fallen victim to some very common - and disastrous - mistakes that kill your chances with women.

You need to know exactly what to avoid if you hope to avoid these mistakes and actually get good results with women.

Watch out for the following:

MISTAKE #1: Men Try And Convince Women To Like Them Based On Logical Arguments.
Men tend to be driven by logic. To us, when we see a problem, we try and use logic to find a solution. In short - men just do the things that make the most sense. That's how about 9 out of every 10 men operate.

Unfortunately, when it comes to love and attraction, you can't apply logic! You will fail every time.

If you meet a girl you like, you have to learn to appeal to her emotions to get her to like you back, because if you try to convince her logically why the two of you should be together, she will NEVER go along with that argument, no matter how much sense it makes.

Why? Because women are EMOTIONAL in nature, and they need to feel that chemistry between a man and a woman. No amount of logic can replace that.

MISTAKE #2: Men Will Act Needy And Desperate Around Women Who Turn Them On.
When a guy meets a girl he likes, he'll naturally want to be around her more. But too many guys go overboard with this notion.

They start calling the girl too much. They want to hang out too often. They focus their entire life around being with this girl.

Men who have NOTHING going on in their lives other than their desire for a woman come off as being desperate and needy.

Girls like guys who have dreams and goals outside to wanting to be in a relationship with them. Women are attracted to independence, and want to be inspired by the man they are with.

Give the woman the space she needs, and invite her to be with you as you pursue your passions. If she can't make it out with you, don't worry about it. Just keep giving her opportunities as you live your life.

MISTAKE #3: Men Try And Convince Women That They're Confident.
Understand that actions will always speak louder than words. Saying to a woman that you're a confident guy will never get you anywhere, because women can spot confidence.

You can lie about certain things and get away with it - you can lie about how rich you are, about your past history, about what you do for a living - but you can never lie about your confidence.

All too often, men will try and boast to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities, but all too often, women see right through this.

Rather than give into your insecurities, allow the women to see your flaws. It takes confidence to show vulnerability. If you act like these things don't phase you, this will go a long way towards convincing the woman you're confident, rather than just TELLING her you are.

MISTAKE #4: Men Will Get Jealous Too Easily.
Jealousy will usually flare up alongside insecurity. So many guys are desperate for a girlfriend, that when they find a girl they like, they'll latch onto her because they don't think they can find another just as good as her.

Because of this, men tend to get jealous too easily. Any interaction the girl has with another guy, they see as a threat.

This, of course, only serves to drive the girl away from them.

It's best to relax and realize there are plenty of fish in the sea. Never put all your focus on just one woman. Keep playing the field until you get into a committed relationship.

The more choices you have available to you, the less jealousy you'll experience.

MISTAKE #5: Men Will Be Too Forward About Their Intentions.
Talking about your desire is okay and natural, but some men just take it WAY too far - to the point where they start to set off the girl's "alarm bells."

Don't get too graphic about want you want from the girl. It's a turn off. Learn to be vague. Let the woman's imagination fill in the details - they will always be more effective than anything you say to her.

Learn to flirt, and imply your intentions rather than coming out and talking about them directly. This keeps things light, fun, and mysterious - three things that women need to become attracted.

Remember - just like the romance novels women love to read, they want ROMANCE more than anything else. They want to be swept off their feet, and feel carried away with your advances.

A huge key in being successful with women is cultivating a kind of "magic." The more subtle and charming you can be, the more the girl will want to go along with it.

Never let that magic fade by having your intentions become obvious! Once they know what you're doing, they'll see it as you trying to manipulate them, as opposed to it "just happening."

If that happens, you've lost her.

Let the woman feel as though you're NOT seducing her, even if you are. This is the secret to becoming her "romantic hero" dream man.

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