Ice Breakers To Use On Women

Published: 18th May 2009
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The sad fact is that most guys are afraid of approaching women and starting conversations.

It's funny, even the term "ice breaker" conveys this notion. You are having to warm a woman up. That assumes that they are going to react coldly to your approach.

In fact, most men just assume that girls don't want to talk to them! They feel like they are "bothering" a girl by approaching her, and chances are, they'll get rejected.

The truth is that most women are actually open and receptive to being approached by a good man, and are happy to engage in conversation!

This may go against what most men think, but it's the honest truth. As long as a guy isn't desperate, needy, or creepy, he can successfully approach and start a conversation with almost any woman.

Just remember that most women will respond somewhere in the range of "neutral" to "positive" if you say almost ANYTHING to them. In fact, you have to work really hard to get a bad reaction from a woman!

Surefire ways to get a negative reaction:

1.) Trying to start a conversation by acting nervous or scared. This will creep women out and make them want to distance themselves from you. Try and be confident when talking to women.

2.) Using bad pick up lines. They may seem funny on TV and in the movies, but the fact is that bad pick up lines are bad for a reason!

3.) Being too forward. Women don't like to be treated like objects, and it insults them if you're too aggressive before they really know you.

As long as you can keep from doing these three things, you'll be safely in the "neutral" to "positive" range with a woman.

This means - whatever you say to start the conversation will more than likely work! Just be sure you ask an engaging question, and not just a "yes or no" question. Also, stay away from the boring topics all guys use, like "What's your name?" and "What do you do?"

Instead, try asking her opinion on something. What you're wearing for instance. Girls love to give advice. Ask her about something timely that's going on in pop culture - what celebrity is dating who? Ask her about the arts - I have yet to meet a girl who doesn't like music!

Just make sure that whatever you ask the girl will lead into a deeper conversation, because that will help you break through any hesitancy to talk.

That should get you started.

The point is that there's a way to put yourself in a situation that naturally and easily sparks conversations. You just need to be ready when it happens.

And if the girl doesn't want to talk to you, don't sweat it! Keep trying until you find one that does. But you'll discover that most girls are open to talking to you about anything.

Keep working on this, and you'll get past the anxiety of talking to attractive women.

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