How To Entice Women To Approach You

Published: 18th May 2009
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It's the ultimate male fantasy - having a drop dead gorgeous woman approach you!

When presented with a choice, the majority of men would much rather have a woman approach them, as opposed to being the one to initiate the meeting, and run the risk of getting rejected.

However, even if you're an incredibly good looking guy, getting a woman to approach you can be difficult - because the majority of women just aren't USED to having to initiate the meeting, even if they want to!

Girls are of the mindset that men should approach them. Period.

But there are exceptions to this rule - and one of those exceptions is getting a woman to start talking to you because she's interested in something OTHER than dating you.

Now, I know this might sound strange, but once a woman starts talking to you, you can easily transition that interaction into a date. It's getting the girl to start up that conversation in the first place that's difficult.

Unless, of course, you utilize a simple secret that will ensure you have more women coming up to meet you than you ever thought was possible.

That secret is: Use Props!

Now, a prop is any type of object that you can use to attract female attention.

It can be an interesting piece of clothing you're wearing, a really good cologne, a nice car, a guitar you know how to play - whatever. It really doesn't matter as long as it gets attention.

But by far, the best prop any guy can ever have is a cute dog!

I'd say that 80% of women in this world LOVE dogs. ANy type of animal that's cute and cuddly is sure to get a ton of attention from women.

Taking a dog on a walk through an open air mall with lots of girls around is a sure-fire way to get approached by more girls than you know what to do with.

They'll stop you and start petting your pup and ask you all types of questions about it.

I learned this from a good friend of mine who has a dog he absolutely loves. He loves this dog so much, he takes it with him EVERYWHERE. One day we were sitting outside a coffee shop talking, and about 12 women came by our table to pet his dog, and we ended up talking to each and every one of them.

If you can, opt to get a dog of your own. A pet dog is the ultimate prop to use to get women to approach you. If you decide to get a dog, try and adopt one of the smaller dogs. Why? Because small dogs always look like puppies! And women LOVE puppies more than they do big dogs.

If you don't want a dog, or can't afford a dog, then try to find a friend who has one and offer to take their dog on a walk. It's almost guaranteed that anywhere you go with it - women will stop to pet it and end up talking to you.

After all, there's a reason they call them "Man's Best Friend!"

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